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Category: Social Media & Comms

Sweet Home Alabama

"Success breeds success." Mia Hamm SUMMARY: The Alabama Tourism Department wanted to highlight the “US Civil Trail” to Black American, millenials who primarily live in the south. The goal was to showcase attractions in cities like Birmingham, Mobile, and Selma. The implemented solution was to

Up In The Air Life

" The one thing that I know is that you win with good people." Don Shula SUMMARY: Up In The Air Life (UITAL), a luxury boutique travel agency, wanted to create a launch strategy and an automated sales and marketing process. The goal was to

Amazing Thailand

" The real secret of success is enthusiasm." Walter Chrysler SUMMARY:  "Amazing Thailand" ( a division of The Tourism Authority of Thailand) wanted to increase brand awareness of the “ luxurious side” of Phuket, Thailand to diverse audiences. The scope of this project was to